Tuesday, 11 June 2013


A film magazine created by freelance film journalist Mr.Manoj Kulkarni ( Publisher & Editor)...
'Chitrasrushti' takes a studiojus view of 'Film'-a powerful medium of mass-commication, from the world cinema point of view. It focus on the history, current status and growth of the film world. With this present scenario of big & small screen also cover in it through topical articles. As well as it includes informative film analysis, profiles & interviews of award winning film personalities. 
With Editor Manoj Kulkarni, leading film critiques, freelance journalists, professors of film appreciation & film historians are also writes in 'Chitrasrushti'. So it has academic approach and like a reference digest, with lot of information about film world!
After first issue on '75 years of world talkies', 'Chitrasrushti's next special issues on '75 years of world colour cinema', '75 years of film music', then special issues on 'Neo-realism in world cinema' & 'New world cinema' were appreciated by media and intellectuals! 'Chitrasrushti' received five awards!!


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